the TATF Grammys


In this Presentation are my personal selections of the best of the message board dialogue on TATF, 2023.
Please consider this quote, made years ago, that I’m sure all of you have read before:
~ ~ ~

“We understand there is a lot going on in the world today.
Yet whatever is going on out there, this is considered a safe space
to just talk about the Atlanta Falcons.” 

VTCrunkler, in Code of Conduct (June 5, 2020)

~ ~ ~
It was the beauty and comfort in that safe space – of just talking about the Falcons – that inspired me to do this project.

I was impressed by you, a lot. You discussed and debated all the player positions: DT, RT, LG, WR2, CB, etc., etc. You knew the key players at these positions on other teams, both NFCS teams and around the League. You knew how long these players have been in the League. You knew who out there was coming up for free agency. You even knew all or most of the top draft prospects in the various positions.
I have loved football all my life. But I had never loved it that much, until then, when I started discovering more. I decided to pour myself into this project.

I learned a lot. For instance, I knew of the name Grady Jarrett when he (Jarrett) was in high school. I was a Falcons season ticket holder in the 1990s and I well remember Jesse Tuggle. But it wasn’t until this year (2023), while tracking your posts, did I find out that Grady is Jesse Tuggle’s son.
At times, the project was tedious and all the reading was a real chore. Multiple threads about the same player, or the same topic, with nothing new being offered. I won’t pretend that I read everything I read with utmost delight. It wasn’t always that way. But many times, it was. And keeping up became just a matter of discipline.

Overall, this was fun work. It was entertaining and enlightening. The time I spent on it was so worthwhile.
As I stated, my selections are just one man’s opinion. A different person may have different selections. And of course do understand that this is in no way sanctioned or promoted, endorsed or approved, or in any way affiliated with the Atlanta Falcons organization.
If this presentation allows some of you to joyously re-live moments of discussions over the months of 2023, then that is my reward. If even just a handful of you feel good because I rated highly your input and presence on the Board, then I will feel honored.

Eighteen award categories. Numerous active posters. Alas, the vast majority of screen names will see no mention here at all. I am sure you know ... if there is no mention of you, that doesn’t de-value your contributions to the Boards.
Well, once more, this was so worth my time. I hope that you will find this worthy of your time.
Without further ado, I present my version of: