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NFL Draft 2023 RB rankings: Bijan Robinson, Texas Chris Simms Unbuttoned

(April 4)

Whether or not the Falcons should pick Bijan Robinson, running back, with the 8th pick in the draft. This was one of several threads that debated picking Robinson in the Draft.

(some selected posts from the thread):

Lionzblade (April 4)
the ENTIRE season everyone talks about building the trenches in the draft,but suddenly 80% of us want a skill player. Why am I not suprised?

dirtybirds233 (page 1)
It seems absolutely irresponsible to take a RB in the top 10. But man....Robinson makes it tempting.

PokerSteve (page 1)
The DL has already gotten a lot of help and I’m positive there will be another couple players added in the draft and/or after the draft when cuts start to be made. Only one skill player is being seriously hyped, Bijan Robinson, who is a consensus generational talent, instant starter, instant impact player and perfect fit in our run-centric scheme.

I’ve been a huge advocate for building the trenches, but there has to be an exception to this rule if you've already done significant work on building the trenches and need to add to your weapons to help your young QB succeed.

PensacolaFalcon (page 1)
We have a 22 year old 1000 yard rusher on the team already and he only started 7 games last year. We could use some depth at RB but I feel we have our starter. So taking a RB at 8 seems like a bad decision.

Lionzblade (page 2)
Oh we 100% need depth,and im all for drafting one late,but not at 8.

JDaveG (page 2)
I’m on the “I’d prefer edge or CB but if the guys they value at those positions are gone and they take Bijan I ain’t mad” train.

HouseOfEm (page 2)
I thought drafting a RB at 8 would be stupid as well. Then I watched all the highlight videos on Bijan.

He breaks the rule. He is hands down the best offensive player in the draft. If Will Anderson is 1 then Bijan is 2.

If Patterson can have a complete career resurgence and if Tyler can be a 1,000 yard rusher in our offense then you are talking about a first ballot hall of fame kind of career for Bijan.

He is an elite pass catching running back. He has elite vision. Elite acceleration. Elite change of direction. Elite pass blocking for a RB. Amazing power and speed.

The offensive weapon that Bijan will be for us is can’t miss. 100% BPA if Detroit passes.

raumin (page 2)
I think it come down to a few things:
1. If Carter is there draft him
2. If Gonzalez is there draft him
3. If Wilson is there draft him

If all three of those players are gone you could make the case for Skoronski, Murphy, Smith but would those three players give us the shot in the arm that Bijan would give us? And I don’t know if Skoronski, Murphy, Smith, or Bijan are even justifiable at 8. They are all good prospects but I don't see them in the same league as a Cater, Gonzalez or Wilson if you're talking about making a splash at 8. I’d look at trading back 3-4 spots and still land Skoronski, Murphy, Smith, or Bijan if I could.

If all 4 QBs go ahead of us we’ll get either Cater, Gonzalez or Wilson, and that's the best scenario. If one QB is left on the board dangle him in front of everyone else and fleece that team.

Rings (page 2)
I love Allgeier, but his success was heavily influenced because of the line and the Smith’s scheme. Allgeier, Huntley, CP & Avery Williams all averaged over 4.8 YPC while facing the most 8+ man boxes in the league last year. If your concern is Allgeier going down, then depth is what we need and that can be taken on day 2 or 3, not #8 overall. #8 needs to be a starter and immediate impact player. If he starts over Allgeier you are sitting someone who just killed it last year and diminishing the impact he can have. Bijan is a luxury pick we can’t afford right now with all the other thing we need still to address imo.

ATLskinjob (page 3)
This fan base really is funny. We are not “good” on the lines because we addressed them in free agency. You're never “good” on the lines.

It is a fact that teams that are consistently good and regularly making the playoffs spend high draft picks on both lines. Eagles do this, Chiefs do this, 49ers do this, Ravens do this, the Bills do this.

We also still pretty much have a need at CB. I know Heyward is still a solid player, but he’s 33 and coming off of a season ending injury. Y’all really think we’re just gonna be fine with that, especially after dealing with so many injuries last year?

And again, we got enough production from a 5th rounder rookie and a UDFA to be the 3rd ranked rushing attack in the league. We do not need to draft a running back at 8.

Don’t get me wrong, I can absolutely understand the allure of Bijan. It would be a thing of
beauty to see him in Arthur Smith’s system. He would be our version of Deebo Samuel.
Except that Deebo was drafted in the second, and not 8th overall.

FalconFanSince1969 (page 3)
The team needs an identity. If our identity is to run the piss out of the ball we are going to need another RB. We are already missing like 850 yards from last year’s rushing attack between Mariota and Huntley. I really do not see Smith running ridder like he did Mariota either. It makes sense from a football and from a marketing standpoint.

bird_brain (page 3)
We can address the defense in the second and third rounds. Heyward will be good as a starter for one more year. The second or third rounder cb and take over next year. As for edge, Lorenzo Carter could start opposite of Calais Campbell for another year then either Ebiketie, Malone or the 2nd or 3rd round draft pick can take over next year. The opportunity to draft an elite RB is too good to pass up. We might not get another chance like this in a long time.

Rings (page 4)
Bijan is elite as a receiver compared to other running backs, not other wide receivers. There is a difference. I don’t think we need a back so the value he is adding there is minimal to me. You would be taking him for what he also would add to the pass game, but again if that’s the case just take a WR and move on. I get the multiple roles thing, I really do. I just see his upgrade in the run game as minimal and while receiver would be an upgrade over Allgeier, it’s still not WR level.

Even if it was a need I don’t like the positional value, I just don’t. Smith has proven he can have a very strong running game without top tier talent at running back. We have had one of the worst pass rushes and secondaries the last decade. The lift from a WAR perspective is far greater upgrading at CB/EDGE if a player is there than at RB. I would even say I’d rather us upgrade LG/C before RB, albeit not at #8 overall. It’s ok for us to disagree, but I personally wouldn’t touch Bijan at 8 overall. Good teams don’t take backs that high, regardless of their skill set.

ATLskinjob (page 4)
I just completely disagree. You do not need a top 10 pick to get an elite running back. No one picks running backs in the first round anymore. The last few teams to do it have absolutely regretted it. Najee Harris was a terrible pick for a team that needed better lines and Clyde Edwards-Hilare just never produced for the Chiefs. The Chiefs starting running back was drafted in the 7th round last season.

Highly rated running backs are typically taken at the top of the second round at the absolute highest. Most teams don’t even spend a high 2nd on their starting RB.
It is decidedly and definitely harder to find a star pass rusher outside of the top 10 picks in the draft. Same with CB. That’s just a fact. That’s why people only tend to pick CB, DE, OL, or QB with top picks. No one spends that on running backs anymore because the value is not there. It’s not worth it. A great CB or edge rusher will improve your team and specifically our team much more than a RB.

’We could easily spend our 2nd on a running back instead and get an elite talent, but we don’t even have to because we got Allgeier in the 5th. We could just spend another 5th and very likely get another starter-level back.
There is no one good behind Hayward. Remember what the defense looked like last year when he went down? We had maybe the worst secondary in the league. Plus Hayward is 33 and coming off of an injury. We would be crazy to not have someone talented behind him. He might not even last through the season.

We had the 3rd best running game last year, and the 31st ranked pass rush. 31 in sacks. And you think we need a running back? We had 21 sacks, 1 above the bears who just jettisoned their entire team. The Eagles had 70 sacks. Seventy. They made the Super Bowl. We did not.

Mid-Nite-Toker (page 5)
TF approach to addressing holes with solid FA vets has caused a good problem. We can go alot of directions at #8 or the draft as a whole.

Bijan Robinson has definitely become a serious option now, that wasn’t conceivable before FA. Rb is a concern because of the Huntley injury and CP age.
Nonetheless, I due like other suggestions being made that don’t have us taking BR at #8 but a rb later.

We’re in great shape heading into the draft for once. All is good.