The nominees are:

1.“Nielsen it is” by GrimeyKidd (Jan. 27)

The thread reached 18 pages, with 433 replies.

gazoo posted a short biography. Most posters expressed very positive thoughts about the hire.
gazoo: I was looking at the top candidates being floated around here and the only one that really caught my attention that I felt could turn this defense around is Nielson. I am STOKED we got him. He’s really good at developing young guys,something we’ve sucked at for years. (page 2)

This is a great thread.
Herr Doktor (Jan. 28)

We should now just love him until we don’t. 
WH dirtybird (Jan. 27)

That’ll be after the first 3rd-and-15 we give up - -
EddieK (Jan. 27)

2. xskyx: Panthers mortgaging future for #1 overall pick. This is good for Falcons (March 10)

When this news broke sometime after 6 o’clock, the topic was posted and rapidly approached 12 pages before all the dinner dishes were done. The discussion was still growing (up to 15 pages) on through 4 AM the next day while less than 12 hours old. The thread produced multiple TATF Grammy nominations.

3. DonDaLuvMaker: And.............. We’re Back!!!!! (March 23) 

Once PokerSteve came on to “demand a full refund of my TATF Subscription Fee for those lost seven ****** hours!!” this thread became: Simply, hilarious!

4. JD dirtybird21: ***Official 2023 NFL Draft Thread*** (April 26)

157 pages. 3.9k replies. It was a virtual online draft party. It seemed like everybody came out for it.

Everyone, please join me in the Devon Witherspoon prayer circle.
(page 4)

I’ve already ate like 20 hot wings. Pray for my toilet tomorrow morning.

(page 10)

If we wait an hour and a half to get to pick 8 and they trade out,
I’m shutting the board down until I wake up in the morning

Tribal Chief
(page 10)

people may not like Goodell, but he has basically managed to make this day a holiday and has generated millions for cities across the U.S. I hope he’s the commissioner for a long time.
(page 11)

I got to pee, I cannoot hold it.  I am not moving from my TV.  I do not care,
I will piss myself rather than miss this pick.
(page 37)

(page 39)

Well it’s over. Anyone need a cigarette?
(page 155)

5. The Falcon Jedi Knight: I have been on this board since 2001 (May 16)

Pure Nostalgia.

I encourage you to take some time, sometime, to go back and read this thread again.

... and the winner is:

JD dirtybird21

***Official 2023 NFL Draft Thread***